Clients and Recent Projects


Gretsa University

Gretsa University is an institution of higher learning based in Thika that was founded in 2006. The administration wanted to revamp their aging website as well as receive applications online. A new website built on a custom content management system and branded using the university colours was set up.

The website is hosted at

Three Green Apples Consulting Limited

Three Green Apples Consulting Limited is a consulting practise providing human resource management based services. The company wanted an online platform through which potential candidates for employment could view and apply for jobs, post their CVs and get called for interviews.

The Website delivered is hosted at

Scorpion Technologies and Systems Limited

Scorpion Technologies and Systems Limited is a company that offers specialized security (e.g. as access control) and smart automation services. The client wanted a new Website that would better showcase the products and services offered as well as be relevant to an international market.

Their Website is hosted at

Botto Solar Limited

Botto-Solar Ltd is an established Company and a leading manufacturer of a variety of Energy Efficient Appliances. The company wanted to replace their ageing Website with a modern one that would be more competitive in the international arena.

The resultant Website is hosted at

Other Websites

Other websites include:

Other Solutions Delivered

Barclays Bank of Kenya

Barclays Bank ( wanted a system to help them manage the renting out of holiday cottages to management staff. The system developed for them allowed for reservations to be made online, reminders for payment to be sent via email, reserveations in specific months to be limited to senioir management and other features. The system is hosted in their intranet.

MamaMikes Online Limited

MamaMikes ( is a company that provides an online gifting service targeted at people in the Diaspora wishing to send gifts to their friends and families in Kenya. One of their most popular gift items is instant airtime, sent either as an electronic voucher (PIN that one can use to top up) or via direct topup of a recipient's line.

MamaMikes wanted a solution to allow delivery of this instant airtime through MamaMikes and some of their secondary brands.

Mobile Decisioning Africa Limited

Mobile Decisioning Africa Limited ( is a nano and micro-credit organisation with interests in Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon, Nigeria and Zambia. With an average of 700,000 transactions a day across Africa, "MoDe" needed a fast and scalable reporting system that would allow them to view daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports of their lending and recovery transactions.

The system delivered could generate reports in under two seconds, show tabulated data as well as graphs, allow export of reports to various document formats and unified the reports from various countries on one dashboard. 

Three Green Apples Consulting Limited

Three Green Apples Consulting Limited ( wanted a system that intergrated with their recruitment Website (mentioned earlier) and allowed them to filter through numerous CVs received to find potential matches for a particular job opening, schedule interviews, notify the shortlisted candidates via email and keep track of the status of various jobs for which they are recruiting.

The system deployed delivered on all these requirements and more.

Wamae Mureithi and Associates

Wamae Mureithi and Associates ( needed a system to keep track of valuation projects received to ensure timely completion and identify bottlenecks in service delivery. The system delivered allowed valuers to be assigned jobs and receive notifications via email. The valuers could then update the status of their individual jobs at each stage of valuation.

The system could also keep track of income and expenditure related to valuation work. Requisitions for money needed to carry out valuation tasks could also be made online.